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Origin: Nanotechnology provides important potential for boosting quality of life and industrial competitiveness in Europe. Its development and use should not be delayed, unbalanced or left to chance. The European Commission (EC) plays two important roles in the development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies (N&N); as policy maker and as funding body for research and innovation. The “integrated, safe and responsible approach” proposed by the EC in 20041 has been agreed by stakeholders and is now the core of the EU's nanotechnology policy. Resources have been mobilised and challenges addressed, as called for by the EC. The Action Plan2 provided impetus for developments, and progress in almost every area has been identified. While it is difficult to collect all quantitative indicators for the period 2005-2007, a positive impact can nonetheless be seen. Over the last two years, European research in N&N has benefited from considerable financial support, complemented by increased coordination and coherence in relevant policy areas. EU Institutions, Member States, industry, researchers and other interested parties have worked together, sharing information and regularly consulting one another, so that by and large, Europe has been “talking with one voice”. Efforts have also been made to work more closely with international partners, bi- and multilaterally. More information you can find here.