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Projects solved in the area of nanotechnologies

2A-1TP1/015 �New procedures for microdispersion and nanodispersion lipid systems formulation as the transport systems for pharmaceutically effective substances�, 7/2006-6/2011, the researcher is RNDr. Jan Mikeska, CSc., Biomedica, spol. s r.o., Praha, the total costs of CZK 14.905 million, thereof CZK 9.201 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 2.645/1.640, 3a)

- Charles University in Praha, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kr�lov�, Doc. RNDr. Pavel Dole�al, CSc.
Objective of the project: The implementation of new technological preparation processes for lipide emulsions and solid lipide nanodispersions, and their use as carriers of lipophile medicine, especially for oral and top applications.

2A-1TP1/068 �Synthesis of optimised polymer solutions for the preparation of nanofibres, the manufacturing of nanofibres and the application of non-woven fibre assemblies made of nanofibres�, 10/2006-9/2011, the researcher is Ing. Du�an Kimmer, CSc., SPUR a.s., Zl�n, the total costs of CZK 19.609 million, thereof CZK 12.705 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 3.931/2.555, 1a)
Objective of the project: The research and development of polyurethane and polyurethanecarmabide-based nanofibres. The project�s objective covers also the development and the industrial use of new and innovated products made of nanofibres (nanotextiles). The project researcher wishes to manufacture these non woven fibre materials and verify their use. The main project�s objective is the research and development of materials and products which would be utilised, thanks to the technology of spinning process and their physical and chemical properties, in many industries. The stress will be put also on the testing of the material safety, the minimising of negative impacts on human health and on the environment.

2A-1TP1/087 �In situ research of strengthened nanocomposite ceramic materials�, 11/2006-12/2010, the researcher is Ing. Vladim�r ��da, CSc., Saint - Gobain Advanced Ceramics, s.r.o., Turnov, the total costs of CZK 18.002 million, thereof CZK 10.206 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 5.250/2.993, 1e)
Objective of the project: The finding of a new way of strengthening of matrices of nanocomposite ceramic materials in situ with the orientation on the maximal reduction of entry and processing costs. The focus on designs with nanoparticles inserted or created in the ceramic matrix should eliminate the danger of carcinogenicity occurring in current processes.

2A-1TP1/092 �Research of preparation of nanoforms of layered piezoelectrics for the implementation of the high temperature ultrasonic transducers manufacture�, 7/2006-12/2011, the researcher is Ing. Stanislav �tarman, PhD., STARMANS electronics, s.r.o., Praha, the total costs of CZK 23.467 million, thereof CZK 17.520 million from the state budget.


- PIEZOCERAM, s.r.o., Lib�ice, Bo�ivoj Tyl�
- MOLECULAR CYBERNETICS, s.r.o., Praha, RNDr. Zden�k Kv��a
- Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i., �e�, Mgr. Ji�� Plocek, PhD.
- Institute of Physics of AS CR, v.v.i., Praha, RNDr. P�emysl Van�k, CSc.
Objective of the project: The preparation and characterising of nanoforms of layered piesoelectrics for the manufacture of high temperature ultrasound transducers.

2A-1TP1/094 �Magnetic composite materials�, 11/2006-12/2011, the researcher is Doc. Ing. Ivo �afa��k, DrSc., Institute of Systems Bilogy and Ecology of AS CR, v.v.i., �esk� Bud�jovice, the total costs of CZK 6.391 million, thereof CZK 4.474 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 1.316/0.921, 2d)
The objective of the project: The preparation of new kinds of magnetically marked biocompatible materials, their utilisation in different areas of biosciences, biotechnologies and environmental technologies (e.g. isolation and immobilisation of biologically active substances, detection, determination, and removal of environmental contaminants, the development of materials for the potential medical applications, etc.) and the complex characterising of the created materials.

2A-1TP1/113 �Design of special textile machines manufacturing nanofibres�, 11/2006-12/2009, the researcher is Ing. Jan �mel�k, ELMARCO s.r.o., Liberec, the total costs of CZK 21.105 million, thereof CZK 12.662 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 6.455/3.873, 7d)

- Technical University in Liberec, Doc. Ing. Ladislav �ev��k, CSc.
Objective of the project: The basic research of some functional machine parts manufacturing nanofibres and the design of solutions of individual selected functioning modules, the research of new mechanical phenomena occurring in the manufacture of nanofibres, the design and the research of module materials having higher functional reliability and higher safety from the points of view of the direct high voltage and chemical loading. There will be also the minimising of negative impacts of the machine on the operator�s health and on the environment monitored.

2A-1TP1/124 �Research of the effects of extreme deformation conditions on the metal sub microstructure and of testing methods for the diagnostics of their technological properties�, 11/2006-3/2011, the researcher is Ing. Karel Malan�k, CSc., V�H�, a.s., Dobr�, the total costs of CZK 23.030 million, thereof CZK 15.343 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 5.840/3.913, 7d)

- V�B - Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Ing. Stanislav Rusz, CSc.
Objective of the project: The research of a new manufacturing technology for nanomaterials called by the abbreviation DRECE, by the processing of a suitable metallic material of aluminium and iron-based alloys. The research and development of new testing methods (processes) verifying technological properties of nanostructured metals will take at the same time. On this basis, there will be the comparison of ECAP and DRECE technologies done and there will be information prepared for the construction of a semi operational (or operational) facility processing the selected metals and preparing nanomaterials.

2A-1TP1/143 �Research of new mechatronic MEMS structures suitable for the pressure measuring�, 11/2006-12/2011, the researcher is Ing. Karel Mare�ek, BD SENSORS s.r.o., Buchlovice, the total costs of CZK 75.346 million, thereof CZK 45.0 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 12.952/7.335, 2f)

- Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Prof. Ing. Radim�r Vrba, CSc.
Objective of the project: The applied research of fully intelligent pressure sensors utilising the MEMS structures and related nanotechnological structures, including the research and experimental verification of new principles for the pressure recordings. The development of unique manufacturing technologies belongs among the objectives.
They should allow:
a) The manufacture or application of a membrane made of the optimal designed material, with the surface treatment by a suitably selected material, and of an ideal surface profile;
b) The development of a suitable MEMS technology for the imagining and the creation of a pressure MEMS sensor with an optimal interface for the achievement of ideal sensors� properties;
c) The manufacture of a tablet of the pressure MEMS sensor of selected materials with the integrated ASIC circuit. The project�s results of mostly basic and applied research will be new MEMS methods and technologies for the sensor pressure measuring.

2A-2TP1/135 �New polyfunctional hybrid polymers from renewable and recyclable materials allowing the utilisation of enzyme catalysts and nanoparticles�, 7/2007-6/2011, the researcher is Ing. Tom� Vl�ek, PhD., SYNPO, a.s., Pardubice, the total costs of CZK 22.000 million, thereof CZK 13.200 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 5.051/3.031, 5c)

- Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of AS CR, v.v.i., Praha, Ing. Hynek Bene�
Objective of the project: The preparation of new polyfunctional hybrid monomers and polymers utilising domestic renewable and recycled waste materials, e.g. vegetable oils, esters of fatty acids, and waste glycerol from the overproduction of bio diesel fuel, bio spirit, waste polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) and waste polyurethane (PU) soft foams from wrecked car seats. Chemical modifications of entry materials will be done at the presence of standard and enzyme biocatalysts and they will include depolymerisation, esterification, transesterification, epoxying, ring-opening reactions, thermal oligomerisations, polycondensation, and also the in situ modifications of nanoparticles. The new kinds of monomers and polymers will be used for the development of special PU paints for the construction industry, PU climatic and barrier membranes and PU electroinsulation casting resins with the unique combination of utility properties like the hydrophobicity, flexibility, hardness, chemical resistance, and fire resistance.

2A-3TP1/120 �Equipment for the preparation of nanofibres from polymer melts�, 4/2008-12/2011, the researcher is Ing. Jan �mel�k, ELMARCO, a.s., Liberec, the total costs of CZK 35.946 million, thereof CZK 17.074 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 11.146/5.295, 7d)

- Technical University in Liberec, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Doc. Ing. Ladislav �ev��k, CSc.
Objective of the project: The currently manufactured machines prepared fibres from polymer solutions with solvents. The disadvantage has been the environmental burden resulting from the solvent vapours and costs of their removal. The project will research, develop, and propose machines for the electrostatic polymer spinning by a different way.

2A-3TP1/126 �Continual plasma and nanoplasma treatments of non-woven textiles�, 4/2008-12/2011, the researcher is Ing. Zden�k Me�l, Pegas Nonwovens, a.s., Znojmo, the total costs of CZK 50.000 million, thereof CZK 25.000 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 6.254/3.142, 7c, the nanotechnology research share makes up 50% of the allocated sum.)

- INOTEX, spol. s r.o., Dv�r Kr�lov� n. L., Ing. Jan Marek, CSc.
- Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Science, Prof. RNDr. Mirko �ern�k, CSc.
Objective of the project: The project�s core relates to the application of an innovative resource which can generate cold diffusion plasma of the extremely high output density, up to 100 W/cm3, for the activation or hydrophilisation of polypropylene non woven textiles of the spun melt type directly on production lines at the speed of at least 300 m/min.

2A-3TP1/140 �Ion-exchangeable materials in the form of membranes and nanofibres prepared on the nanotechnological basis�, 4/2008-12/2010, the researcher is Ing. Ale� �ern�n, PhD. MEGA, a.s., Str� pod Ralskem, the total costs of CZK 21.512 million, thereof CZK 11.832 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 6.083/3.346, 5a)
- ELMARCO, s.r.o., Liberec, Ing. Denisa Str�nsk�
Objective of the project: The proposed project�s substance is the implementation of the basic and applied research of the preparation of ion-exchanging membranes by the Nanospider technology that covers the area of material research of basic parts of spinning of polymer solutions with the consequent relations to heterogenous membrane composite preparation technology.

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