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Vydno dne 20. 11. 2008 (1742 peten)

Projects solved in the area of nanotechnologies

OE08005 (E!4095 �NANOSILVER�),
�Application of antimicrobial effects of nanotechnologically treated silver particles in medicine (human and veterinary), healthcare equipment and cosmetics�, 1/2008-12/2010, the researcher is Ing. Tom� Hradil, Altermed Corporation, a.s., the total costs of CZK 8.200 million, thereof CZK 4.100 million from the state budget. There are 3 partners cooperating (CZ, SK, D). Altermed Corporation, a.s. is the coordinator.
(Year 2008 � 1.960/0.980, 1a)
Objective of the solution: The development of a new antibacterial preparation based on silver nanoparticles which is suitable for the use in humans and animals. In the case of humans that relates to medical preparations, while in animals, it should be applicable for both animals in the food chain and outside.

OE08012 (E!3963 �ICD�) �Contrast and detection in scanning electron microscopy�, 1/2008-12/2010, the researcher is RNDr. Lubom�r T�ma, FEI Czech Republic, s.r.o., Brno, the total costs of CZK 18.270 million, thereof CZK 7.322 million from the state budget. There are 6 partners cooperating (NL � 2x, B, CZ - 2x). The coordinator is FEI Electron Optics B.V., Netherlands.
(Year 2008 � 5.146/1.399, 7a)

- Institute of Scientific Instruments of AS CR, v.v.i., Brno, RNDr. Lud�k Frank, DrSc.

Objective of the solution: The development of computer models modelling interactions of electrons with materials. The summary process detecting scanned images, the creation of a new technique of contrast creation, and new detector types - their use in the imagining of new semiconductor materials and nanostructures.

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