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Projects solved in the area of nanotechnologies

FI-IM3/061 �Preparation of conducting and semiconducting polymers doped with carbon based nanoparticles and nanotubes�, 5/2006-12/2009, the researcher is Mgr. V�clav �tengl, PhD., Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i., Husinec-�e�, the total costs of CZK 26.280 million, thereof CZK 11.880 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 4.400/1.980, 1c)

- NANOGIES, s.r.o., Praha, Petr Vl��il
- MEGA SYSTEM, spol. s r.o., Most, Ing. Josef Bene�
- Ing. Ladislav Hor�k, Praha
- University of Pardubice, FCHT, Doc. Andr�a Kalendov�, PhD.

Project participant:
- IMEX International Trading and Contracting, a.s., Praha
Objective of the solution: The preparation of conductive and semiconductive polymers doped with nanoparticles of the active phase of own manufacture (C, SnO2, C-Si-P-In-Ga-As-Ge-Se, C60, C70, MWNT, and SWNT).

FI-IM3/085 �Polyalkene based nanocomposites of extraordinary utility properties�, 3/2006-12/2009, the researcher is Ing. Ivan Dob�, CSc., SYNPO, a.s., Pardubice, the total costs of CZK 16.092 million, thereof CZK 5.6 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 5.000/1.750, 1g)

- Tom� Ba�a University in Zl�n, Faculty of Technology, Ing. Dagmar M��insk�, PhD.
Objective of the project: The research of new composites containing nanoparticles of montmorillonite clay. Considering the targeted applications, it is expected that the developed nanocomposite systems will provide for better barrier properties, stiffness, size stability, solvent resistance, crack spreading resistance, and thermal stress resistance. Extraordinary attention will be paid to the measuring of the final properties of modified systems with the assistance of intercalates.

FI-IM4/175 �Research and development of a dispersion carrier in the non conducting environment for the new series of environmentally friendly paints�, 4/2007-10/2009, the researcher is PhDr. Anton�m Ko�a�, CSc., ROKOSPOL a.s., Ka�ovice, the total costs of CZK 12.666 million, thereof CZK 4.433 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 1.422/0.497, 1a, the nanotechnology research share makes up 20% of the allocated sum.)
Objective of the solution: The research and development of a suitable dispersion carrier in a non watery environment as a solvent of paints. The project focuses on the removal of negative effects of paints on the environment and on the removal of negative properties of currently common kinds of dispersions (water or synthetic). There are nanomaterials used.

FI-IM4/205 �Nanotechnologies in medicine � a tissue carrier for the reconstructions of connective tissues�, 3/2007-9/2010, the head researcher is Ing. Kate�ina Knotkov�, PhD., CPN, spol. s r.o., Doln� Dobrou�, the total costs of CZK 12.340 million, thereof CZK 4.936 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 2.850/1.140, 3c)

- Charles University in Praha, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, MUDr. Milan Handl, Ph.D.
- Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Doc. Ing. Miloslav Peka�, CSc.
Objective of the project: The reconstruction of bond tissues (joint cartilages and ligaments) after injuries or their degeneration is considered the most perspective and the most often used surgery interventions related to the locomotive apparatus. The project�s objective is the improvement of surgery interventions, when scaffolds are used, even in endoscopy. The project includes the development of biodegradable scaffolds, the execution of tests on scaffolds, studies of their properties, the manufacture of a prototype, and the execution of pre clinical tests. The authors stress the simplicity and the safety of the procedure.

FI �IM5/124 �Research of technologies for the application of new material nanolayers allowing the construction of economic and high performance sensors, regulators and action parts�, 3/2008-12/2010, the researcher is Ing. Franti�ek Vesel�, SAFINA, a.s., Vestec, the total costs of CZK 10.000 million, thereof CZK 5.500 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 3.700/2.035, 7c)

- Termosondy Kladno, s.r.o., Ing. V�t�zslav Hynek
- Czech Technical University in Praha, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. RNDr. Bruno Sopko, DrSc.
Objective of the project: The sub micron coatings of precious and rare metals, but also some more common metals (especially Pt, Rh, Au, Ir, Ag, REM, Sc, Ni, Cr, and Zr), carbon nanocoats (especially the DLC coats) and the X-O-C compound systems (X = Si, Ti, Zr) provide for the extraordinary and so far unsatisfactorily utilised potential, which could be useful in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, but also in physics, regulation technology, medicine, and other industries. The objective relates to the research of technologies applying nanolayers of the mentioned materials for the construction of economic and high performing sensors, regulators and action parts.

FI-IM5/231 �Implementation of new nanostructures in nanodispersions of Ti, Cd, and Zn oxido-bisulphides as the active materials for the degradation of chemical weapons�, 6/2008-12/2010, the researcher is Mgr. V�clav �tengl, PhD., Institute of Inorganic Chemistry AS CR, v.v.i., Husinec-�e�, the total costs of CZK 17.150 million, thereof CZK 7.757 million from the state budget.
(Year 2008 � 5.950/2.870, 7b)

- Ing. Vladim�r Havl�n
- ROKOSPOL, a.s., PhDr. Anton�m Ko�a�, CSc.
- VOP-026 �ternberk, s.p., Division of the Research Institute of Defence Technology in Brno, Ing. Franti�ek Oplu�til
Objective of the project: The synthesis of nanodispersion sulphide and Ti, Zn, and Cd oxides and their binary analogues with the method of homogenous condensing of thioacetamide and the consequent controlled annealing in the oxygen atmosphere. The prepared material samples will be characterised with the SEM methods as a standard.
Note by the translator: There have been the names of universities, their faculties and research institutes translated into English, while the names of commercial companies are presented in their original Czech forms. The academic titles are presented in their Czech forms. The English names of some projects could differ from the ones used by the research institutions, as it was impossible to check them all.

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